How to eat healthy without dieting

How to eat healthy without dieting

As you may have noticed, women over 35 tend to gain unhealthy weight easily and are at a greater risk of heart disease and many other conditions that come with weight gain. While it’s important for women to eat healthy regardless of age, women over 35 need to be a little more careful with their eating habits. A healthy diet for women over 35 helps to prevent diseases, eliminate belly fat, and keep the body and mind in top shape.

There is a popular myth out there that women over 35 can only achieve healthy weight and better health by sticking to a diet. The truth is, it’s possible to eat healthier without dieting. So today I want to give you easy guidelines on how to eat healthy without dieting.


Limit unhealthy foods and drinks

If you want to eat healthy, there are foods you must be ready to give up. I’m talking about sweetened drinks, processed red meats, full-fat dairy products and refined carbohydrates. These foods and drinks have no nutritional value and are often high in fat, sugar and empty calories. It’s also advisable to limit saturated fats and tropical oils and trans fat, which is commonly found in commercially baked and fried foods. You do not necessarily have to completely eliminate these foods from your diet, but just make sure you reduce them to the minimum possible. Great alternatives to these foods include smoothies, chocolate and while milk, fresh fruit juice, honey, coconut sugar, legumes, nuts, and unrefined whole grains.


Eat whole foods

Whole foods are recommended for women over 35 as they haven’t been processed or added chemicals that would cause weight gain, diabetes or cancer. Whole foods are rich in fiber, good fats, and powerful phytochemicals that help to lower the risk of diseases such as blood pressure. Best whole foods for women over 45 include baked potatoes, fresh berries, whole grains, and smoothies.



Water is an essential part of any diet. Apart from improving body metabolism, water helps to maintain healthy weight. Along with eating healthy foods, make it a habit to drink eight glasses of water per day. Water prevents bloating, headaches and constipation.  If you’re trying to lose weight, more water should be your best friend. Drinking more water cleanses the body of waste and suppresses appetite to help you lose those extra pounds.

Some of the best foods you can eat to stay healthy without dieting include fish, skinless poultry, plant-based proteins, and beans.  Your body needs these foods to build lean muscle, which leads to increased metabolism. You may also want to sample more seafood to add omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Besides, seafood has fewer calories compared to pork, beef, and poultry. Generally, the best foods for healthy eating for women over 35 should be organic, low in calories, but nutrient-dense.

You absolutely do not need dieting to stay healthy. Just ensure you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get good quality sleep.

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