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Spouted Measuring Cups

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No longer do you need to squint at measurements or guess at amounts.  This set of measuring cups is going to be exactly what you need to help you get the right amount every single time.


  • Easy to read and measure: The measurements are easy to read on both sides of the cup for easy use.
  • Spout for mess-free pouting: The spout is designed specifically to ease the mess often found with measuring cups and food transfer.
  • Choose from 3 sizes: Get the right size for your cooking needs with three options to choose from. All have the same clarity and quality.


            From kitchen to general household use, this set of measuring cups is going to help you enjoy freedom and accuracy.



Measuring Tools Type: Measuring Cups
Certification: FDA
Type: Measuring Tools

Capacity: 150 ml / 300 ml / 600 ml
Wholesale: Yes
Drop Shipping: Yes
Factory: Yes

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