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800W Sous Vide Precision Cooker

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Make Gourmet Quality Food At Home. The sous vide machine cooks the sealed food under water,100% locking in juices, flavor, and preserving the nutritional quality of food with incomparable taste and texture. From Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Egg, Pasta, Dessert to Vegetarian, everything comes out predictably perfect.

360 Degrees Circulation System. A 360 directional pump, the sous vide machine circulates the thermostatic water around food, ensuring heat energy to penetrate thoroughly into every part of food.

Create Restaurant Quality Dishes. Once only an option for high-end eateries you can now create perfectly cooked dishes that look and taste amazing.

High Quality Heating Element. Produce more constant heating, even temperature. Make cooking 70% Faster. Save your time.

Reliable and Quiet Operation. Fits almost any pot with our strong-grip clip. Cooks precisely and quietly with temperatures up to 212F and a +/- margin of error of less than 1 F. ETL approved.

Durable Stainless Steel Cap & Base. The top and base are cold-forged from solid stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance

What is SOUS VIDE?

Traditionally when you cook, grill, bake, the heat is not quite predictable. You have to remove the food at the right moment to get the exact done-ness you are looking for. It is a common occurrence for the food to vary from good to raw to burnt, even for professional chefs. Another issue with traditional cooking is that the heat only comes from the bottom leaving you with uneven results.
Sous Vide is completely different, it uses a heating element and a propeller to heat the water and circulate it around the pot, but that is just the basics. You can set an exact temperature and time so that you cannot go wrong. It is an amazingly easy process with astounding results!


Color: Red
Power Rating: 800W
Voltage: 110V-120v/60hz
Minimum Water Depth: 4.25"" (11cm)
Operation Temperature: 41F-212F (5C-100C)
Temperature Stability:±1%
Operation Bath Size: 2.6gal-4.0gal (10L-15L)
Pump Volume: 2.25gal/min (8.5L/min)
Certification: ETL, CSA and UL Listed
Overall Dimension: 3-3/4""(W) x 4""(L) x 14-1/2""(H)

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