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Multi-Purpose Kitchen Knife Set

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Give yourself the power of reliable food prep with this ceramic knife set.  Ready to help you chop, segment and dice, these knives are exactly what you never knew you needed.


  • Varying sizes with the same quality you expect: You can get your choice of several sizes to make sure you have got all of the power you need for the job.
  • Sturdy safe handles for a better grip: Slip-resistant and comfortable to hold, this will prevent poor cuts and injuries that are all too common with inferior knives.
  • Practical for all of your kitchen uses: From chopping to portioning to dicing and beyond, these knives are sharp, easy to clean, and food-safe.


            Give yourself extra precision, safety and comfort with each of the knives in this modern ceramic knife set.  It’ll make a core difference in your kitchen life.


Material: Ceramic
Certification: CE / EU
Certification: FDA
Certification: EEC
Certification: LFGB
Certification: SGS
Certification: CIQ
Model Number: 95
Packaging: Four-piece Set
Type: Knife Sets
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Knife size: 3 inch ,4 inch, 5 inch
Peeler quantity: one
Packaging: four-piece Set

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