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Deluxe Сheese Board & Utensils

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With our modern exclusive serving tray set, you will want to have people over for wine and cheese every night of the week.

Warm up your guests' appetites with beautifully presented alluring food platters. From cheese, meat & fruit platters to delectable hors d'oeuvres give free rein to your culinary creativity and surprise your guests with memorable diner party.

What makes ours special?

Large 15.75" x 13" Bamboo Serving Board:

Hidden drawer to store the cheese tools and forks while not in use.

Drawer can be completely removed for easy cleaning.

Deep and wide side grooves for crackers, bread, nuts, olives anchovies.

6 stainless steel cheese cutleries - Top quality all stainless steel utensils make ours more durable and rust free for a lifetime of use. Dishwasher safe.

6 stainless steel cocktail forks - for serving or dinning.

Why Bamboo:

1. Environmentally friendly

2. Safe to use - Anti-bacterial and BFA free.

2. Easy to clean and maintain.

3. Durable & water-resistant.


Material of boards: Bamboo
Material of cutleries: Stainless steel
Product dimensions: 15.75" x 1.57" x 13"
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