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Mess-Free Fish De-scaler

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While fish is a preferred food, descaling it can be a pain.  Why not make it easier on yourself by enjoying this mess-free fish de-scaler tool to do all of the heavy lifting?


  • Handheld descaling device: Manually operated for just the right strength and finesse, this takes all of the effort out of descaling and none of the precision.
  • Great for fast and easy descaling: This is easy to use and quickly descales the fish without losing the nutrients.
  • Easy to wash up and reuse: This can easily be washed up and reused.  It will hold up against messy fish oil.


            Ideal for those who enjoy eating fish regularly but don’t want to have the mess or fuss of slimy fish skin, this is the perfect tool.



Certification: CE / EU
Certification: CIQ
Certification: FDA
Material: stainless steel
Use: Scraping fish scales

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