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Magnetic LED Grill Spotlights

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 What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Can’t see? 

Stop grilling like a caveman and get yourself the Bright BBQ Light Kit. 

As the family barbecue master, you know how important it is to keep a watchful eye over your steaks – timing is everything

The Bright BBQ Light Kit ensures that your grill is well lit from angles, giving you a clear visual on how your meat is doing on the fire. 

Mobile and magnetic 

There’s no telling where you might move the barbecue. If you’re hosting a big party, it’s not uncommon for the grill to end up at the bottom of the garden in order to spare everyone the heat and smoke. 

Luckily, the Bright BBQ Light Kit is fully portable. Each light has a strong magnetic base, so you simply have to position them at the angle you need and anchor the light to the lid of your barbecue.  

Voila, your grill is completely lit up!

The Bright BBQ Light Kit is battery operated, so you can take your set anywhere without needing to plug into a power source. 

Adjustable neck

If you’ve got a lot of things on the go, you’ll be pleased to know that the LED lights can rotate 360’ thanks to the adjustable gooseneck. You can do prep work on the side of the grill, and keep an eye on how your meat is cooking with everything sufficiently illuminated. 

A must-have barbecue accessory

These impressive lights are made from aluminum alloy and are designed for outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally forget to pack them away at the end of the evening. 

Having a well-lit work station also makes it much easier to clean up after a barbecue. You can immediately attend to any greasy spots instead of leaving them to ruin your surfaces and attract insects and other animals overnight. 

 Features and benefits:

  • The Bright BBQ Light Kit consists of two powerful LED lights that will illuminate your entire grill. 
  • The strong magnetic base allows you to safely attach the lights to a compatible surface and position them at the optimal angle. 
  • These lights are multifunctional and can be used as a handy portable light for many other activities such as camping or DIY jobs in hard to reach places. 
  • Designed to withstand heat and adverse weather conditions, these lights are built to last. 



Size: <1kg
Use: Cooking/Baking/Barbecue
Accessory Type: LED BBQ Lights
Features: Dustproof/Easily Cleaned/Heat Resistance
Barbecue carbon type: Bamboo Charcoal
Material: Metal

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