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Classic Cast Iron Frying Pan

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Classic is classic for a reason. For the special chef in your life that wants quality and dependability, this cast iron frying plan is certainly the trustworthy option.

Classic weight and heft of cast iron: It’s got classic weight and heft that will make this your heavy pan for all of the hardcore cooking you do.
Dependable, eternal cooking power: This will last forever and it will be dependable from day 1 onward with the same practical features you need.
Great for seasoned professionals: This is designed specifically for those experienced chefs that want the best.

Look no further for the best, professional and classic frying pan. This has got it all and it is about to upgrade your kitchen life.

Certification: CIQ
Certification: CE / EU
Applicable Stove: Induction Cooker
Diameter: <8in
Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover
Capacity: 2-3L
Type: Pans
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Work type: Non-stick
Diameter: 6in/8in

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