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Multi-Purpose Avocado Tool

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This multi-purpose avocado tool is all about saving your time, space and effort in your kitchen tasks.

Can be used to peel, slice and pit an avocado: This will help you peel and slice your avocado as well as pit it with ease. No more injuries or time-wasting.
Easy to wash up and use again: Since avocados are messy, this will easily wash up with no scrubbing or soaking.
Tool is comfortable to use and takes up minimal footprint: This is comfortable to use for all 3 purposes and only takes up a big of space in your drawer.
Enjoy all of the benefits in health and taste of an avocado without the messy preparation process.


Material: food grade PP+TPR+304 stainless steel
Size: 7.9x2.4in
Uses: Suitable for removing the separation of avocado meat, cutting egg slices
Certifications: CIQ, FDA

1. The product adopts food grade TPR material, which is healthy and easy to clean.
2. The product has a separate enucleation part, which can easily separate the pulp and is easy to operate.
3. With sawtooth blades, can easily cut avocado and avocado, the handle is non-slip design, non-slip wearable, comfortable grip

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