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Manual Pumping Milk Frother

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Creamy, lightweight and special, make frothy milk a part of your everyday coffee life with this manual milk frothy.

Enjoy perfectly frothy milk whenever you want it: Since this is manual powered, you can froth this to you own standards, whatever they may be.
Food-safe and durable: This frother is food safe and durable for use after use and coffee after coffee.
Great gift for those who like lattes: This is a wonderful and meaningful gift for those who love lattes in particular.

Manual powered and easy to use to ensure that everyone can enjoy it, this is a perfect gift for the latte lover in your life. 


Condition: 100% Brand new
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Capacity: 400ML,800ML(optional)
Product Size(Diameter * Height):
400ML:  3.5 * 7.1inch
800ML:  4.7 * 8.7inch

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