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Silver Vacuum Wine Stopper

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1. Prolonging the storage time of the wine

2. The air in the bottle can be pulled away to make wine bottle close to vacuum.

3. All the products are made of food grade materials, durable and practical as well as economic. 


Material: Stainless Steel+Food grade silica gel

Height: about 6.1in

Quantity: one pump with two plugs



1. Insert the product into the mouth of the bottle and make it in close contact with the mouth of the bottle.

2. Use the suction cap on the top of the product to pump air to make the bottle nearly vacuum.

3. After the pumping is completed, in order to prevent the air from entering the bottle, please tighten the stopper again with a little force.

4. Before restarting the stopper, please shake the stopper first, and then balance the pressure inside and outside the bottle before pulling out the stopper.

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