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Smart Touch Kitchen Faucet

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Convenience – you don't have to keep turning on tap when you need water as the faucet is designed with a touch sensory feature.

Functional – the three-way kitchen faucet has several features that facilitate extra drip styles for different functions.

Long-lasting – the high-quality materials used in the making of our product are durable from wearing and tearing thereby offering you efficient service for a long time.

High-quality materials – the faucet and combining components are specially manufactured and crafted using superior quality material to provide the best products for your home.

Visual appeal – the color and artistic design of our faucet bring an extra ambiance to your kitchen lifestyle without clashing the décor of the room.

Upgrading your kitchen appliances may seem like a hectic and expensive activity. You may even wonder if it's necessary. But introducing this revolutionary kitchen faucet into your kitchen will offer an amazing experience never before witnessed. Our product is not only efficient but convenient for your sink. 

This specially designed and technologically advanced appliance will change how you view sink faucets. The kitchen faucet contains a smart-device feature that ensures that you don't have to keep turning the tap to get water. All you have to do is touch any area of the faucets neck and water spills out. 

The sleek design will uplift any room's decor. This kitchen faucet will be the prime attraction of the kitchen through its unique visual appeal of color and accessories. Get one today and join in on the experience. Through using high-quality materials you're assured of using this product for a long time without fear of corrosion, wearing, or tearing of the material. This feature offers you optimum value for your purchase. 

Our product is leak-proof as the components used are masterfully fixed to fit each other perfectly. The installation process is also simple in that you can choose to hire a specialist or even follow the user manual for that DIY vibe. Join in on this wonderful experience today! 


1. Intelligent Touch: Capacitive Touch, 360 Degree Rotation.

2. Electronic isolation system: Touch tap outlet pipe and electronic control link to form a water and electricity isolation system, to ensure the safety of family use.

3. High quality inner tube:Prevent overheating and overcooling.

4. Two ways of effluent: bubble water saving effluent and sprint water effluent.

Package Included:
1 x Induction Faucet
1 x Instruction

This faucet is suitable for a table with a thickness of about 2"

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding. 


Color: Silver 
Valve: Ceramic Valve 
Type: Kitchen Faucets 
Water Feature: Mix Hot and Cold 
Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel 
Surface technology: Brushed Nickel 
Product function: 360 degree rotation of water pipe 
Size: 15.9 in

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