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Reusable Single Serve Versatile Coffee Pods

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Serve yourself just the right amount of your favourite coffee every time by using these reusable single serve coffee pods to do it.

Designed for single-serve coffee: This is going to offer you just the right amount of coffee for a single cup. No wastage.
Comes with portioning scoop and cleaning brush: For convenience, this includes a portioning scoop and a cleaning brush to help you enjoy the pod with all of the ease of use you deserve.
Versatile to fit any single-serve machine: This is sized to fit all of the major single-service coffee machines out there.

A great way to reduce single-use waste and also help to make sure that you are still making just the right amount in strength, these are the pods to trust.

Package includes:
3 x Coffee Capsule Cups
1 x Coffee Spoon
1 x Brush
(Without box)

Material: Food grade PP plastic + 304 stainless steel
Size: 2.12*2.12*1.37in(L*W*H)

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